“Plastic Wife” Divorces Husband After He Spends Millions On Her Obsession. You Won’t Believe Why She Wanted Him Back.

Vancouver building company owner Mike Saraconi loved his young wife Rebecca so much he spent over £3 million on her over the course of their 6 year marriage. He paid for expensive cosmetic surgery, including facial contouring, breast implants, waist reduction and dental implant work. He paid for her to spend time with her friends and family at the most expensive hotels, dining in the most lavish restaurants in beautiful cities all over the world. He bought her a £150,000 Ferrari Scuderia sports car for her birthday, and they lived in a £5 million mansion. What else could a girl ask for?
Apparently a lot more. When Mike’s building company began to experience a drop in orders, he borrowed money to continue to keep his wife in the lifestyle, to which she had now become very accustomed. However, the situation reached breaking point when the bank called in the loan and threatened to stop all credit facilities to his business. With very few contracts on the books and mounting personal debt, Mike decided enough was enough.

When she was finally confronted by Mike and asked to curtail her spending, she responded by filing for divorce. In an interview Mike said, “I couldn’t believe it. I had spent almost £2 million on my wife’s cosmetic surgery alone, just because she said it made her happy. I let her travel all over the world with her friends and family and I picked up the tab every time. I bought her all the luxuries you could ever imagine, then as soon as money began to get a little tight she decided to dump me.”

3 years later and now Mike’s company has picked up again and he is back to where he was before, without the added expense of his wife’s outrageous lifestyle. As soon as Rebecca learned this she publicly tweeted Mike asking if they could rekindle things – this went viral and Mike was happy to tell us the full story behind this tweet.


Good for Mike – sounds like he is better off without her. We hope Rebecca finds a career that allows her to fund her own lifestyle!

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