Unlikely Stranger Helps Warn Off Class Bullies

More than 50 bikers rally to escort bullied 11-year old boy to school

An Indiana middle school plagued by bullies has found a VIP escort to school – from more than 50 local bikers.

Tammy Mick told the Washington Post that her son, Phil, was being bullied at school for his weight. He would come home at night with bruises, saying he had been hit, punched, and called names. The torment got so bad, Ms Mick said, that the 11-year-old had considered suicide.

At a Christmas charity last year, Ms Mick divulged the situation to Brent Warfield, the director of United Motorcycle Enthusiasts. The biker quickly offered to help.

Mr Warfield, who was picked on himself as a child, said he feels for the new generation of bullying victims.

“These kids, they can’t even get away from it with social media and all that,” he told The Independent. “To see and hear the stories of all these families who have lost kids to suicide from bullying is just awful.”

Mr Warfield, who told Fox59 he’s been organising charity rides for years, offered to rally some “big-hearted bikers” to help out. He posted a call on Facebook for bikers in the area to escort Phil to his first day of school.

That day, more than 50 Indiana bikers turned out – some from more than an hour away. They ate breakfast with Phil and his family at a local restaurant, and then drove with him to the doors of DeKalb Middle School.

“He lit up; he glowed when he got his first ride,” Mr Warfield told The Independent.

Now, Mr Warfield says the bikers are organising a suicide awareness and anti-bullying ride for September. They also hope to bring speakers into local schools to discuss suicide prevention.

“Ask any biker,” he said. “[This is] just what we do.”

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